Customized OSHA Training


We offer both standard and customized OSHA training to help ensure your employees understand the hazards of your workplace to help prevent employee accidents and injuries.  

Our customized training includes pictures of your facility and logo on the title slide of employee safety and health training programs.


When employees see their own facilities in the context of the training the training can better get and hold the attention of employees. 


Customized training addresses the actual machines, equipment and operations present at your facility in 

the context of OSHA safety.  This approach has proved effective and is the approach preferred by many of our clients.


Let our experts craft employee safety training that is right for you. Contact Michael Serpe at (773) 447-3982.



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Copyright 2015  |  SafetyFirstna, Inc.  |  5817 North Mobile Avenue  |  Chicago, Illinois 60646  |  773.447.3982